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Who are we?

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We are a Singapore supply chain management company that focuses on household and groceries products. We bring in thousands of products with a range that spans internationally. Our products are affordable and economical with powerful multi-countrywide supply chain management support.


Our products are constantly updating and are also directly imported from various factories internationally and our promise to consumers and partners are economical and affordable prices islandwide for our products.


Our logistic network is efficient and wide as we have support from countries such as China and Malaysia factories. We also have a warehouse in Singapore to always have space for local ready stock and have the fastest local delivery, 0.5 to 1 working day. Our response rate is also efficient and fast. 


We adapt to the latest trends and technologies to deliver the best purchasing experience for our consumers, through tools such as supply chain management technology and live streaming.

We currently have offices in Singapore, Malaysia, and China. With the main office being in Singapore. We are expanding to Tokyo and Seoul in the coming months.

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